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Congregation Adas Emuno has maintained a long tradition of Saturday morning Torah Study sessions, which run from 10 AM to noon. This tradition has expanded into our highly popular Text Study led by Rabbi Barry Schwartz. Come join us for our weekly Saturday morning sessions as we read and discuss the teachings and unfolding story of our people. Our Torah and Test Study sessions are open to all.

In previous years, sessions have been devoted to Torah and the other books of the Jewish Holy Scriptures, the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides, family dynamics in the Torah and Tanach, and the history of the Reform movement and Judaism in America.

Saturday morning study sessions are held in the Adas Emuno Social Hall.

Torah Study Schedule, 5780 (2019-20) First Semester

Turning Points in Jewish History

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz

1. Sept.   7 Call to Abraham

2. Sept. 14 Exodus

3. Sept. 21 Revelation at Sinai

4. Sept. 28 Entering the Promised Land

5. Oct.   5 Give Us a King

6. Oct. 12 Exile of the Ten Tribes

7. Oct. 19 Destruction of the First Temple

8. Oct. 26 Return to Zion and the Second Temple

9. Nov.  2 Special Torah Study at Temple Sinai  (9:00 AM)

10. Nov.  9 Hellenism and the Hasmonean revolt

11. Nov. 16 Rome and Destruction of the Second Temple

12. Nov. 23 Bar Kochba Revolt

13. Nov. 30 Codification of the Mishnah

14. Dec.   7 Mishnah I

15. Dec. 14 Mishnah II

16. Dec. 21 Mishnah III

17. Dec. 28 Mishnah IV

Torah Study Schedule, 5780 (2019-20) Second Semester

Turning Points in Jewish History

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz

18. Jan.   4 Vacation

19. Jan.  11  Vacation

20. Jan. 18  Rome, Fall of the Second Temple, Bar Kochba Revolt

21. Jan. 25  Codification of the Mishnah

22. Feb.   1 Golden Age of Spain and Maimonides

23. Feb.   8 Crusades

24. Feb. 15 Kabbalah and Nachmanides

25. Feb. 22 Spanish Expulsion

26. Feb. 29 Cossack Revolt and Polish Jewry

27. Mar.  7 Baal Shem Tov and the Rise of Hasidism

28. Mar. 14 Special Torah Study at Temple Sinai (9:00 AM)

29. Mar. 21 Napoleon and the Sanhedrin

30. Mar. 28 Germany and the Rise of Reform

31. Apr.  4 Great Migration to America

32. Apr. 11 Herzl and the Zionist Movement

33. Apr. 18 Holocaust

34. Apr. 25 Modern Israel

35. May   2 Six Day War

36. May   9 Feminist Revolution

37. May 16 Conclusion

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